Chocolate Banana Bread Recipe

How to make the best banana bread with chocolate.

This recipe is also vegan gluten-free refined sugar free that is high in fibre, low in fat, fragrant and delicious, and most important it is great for your gut-health. The recipe is easy and will take around 20 min to prepare

Vegan Banana Chocolate Loaf (Gluten Free)

-Ripe Banana 230g
-Vanilla Bean Extract 12g
-Milled Flaxseed     20g
-Water       60g
-Chia   20g
-Coconut Sugar 215g
-Salt 1g
-GF Baking Powder 2g We use Dove Farms
-White Bread Flour 160g We use Doves Farms GF
-Vegan Chocolate 1 70g we use Naturya Cocoa Liquor
-Vegan Chocolate 2 70g we use Naturya Cocoa Liquor
-Maple Syrup  15g



  • Pulse Bananas to a liquid and add vanilla bean extract.  Mix well and leave aside.

  • In a mixer bowl with paddle attachment add flaxseeds and water and mix slowly until thickened.  Then add chia seed and keep mixing until a thick combined flaxseed egg is created as shown on video.

  • Slow mixer down and add banana vanilla mix.  Add coconut palm sugar and keep mixing.

  • Stop Mixer and add flours, mix on low speed first then on high for a few seconds, then bring back to normal.

  • Add chopped chocolate and keep mixing until all ingredients are combined in a uniform mix.

  • Add mix to piping bag and pipe in moulds.  Bake for 15 min at 175 degrees C.

  • Cool down your loaves and then make your chocolate glaze (check out our brownie video to see how we melt our chocolate in a Bain Marie-Hot Water Bath)

  • Glaze your mini loaves and serve!



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