Sustainability, Make a Difference Today!

How much longer can this go on for?  Do we really believe earth is limitless?  What do we need to do collectively, TODAY, as a species, to be in a better position?  Here’s a short post that will raise some more important questions and help you in addressing the rest.  Make no mistake about it, this is only going to work with YOUR help, if YOU help out as well.

Consume your food- We throw tons of food away, 7.1 million tons of food each year .


Separate your waste- waste is catching up and is becoming a problem for the UK.  By improving your recycling habits you can improve the ratio of useful waste you have that companies can reuse.  Great things to recycle are paper, cardboard, Aluminium, plastic, and broken/old tools. 


Buy your own grocery bag- stop paying the 5p and 10p at the store, just get your own bag.  Those bags don’t break down so do your environment a favour and stop using them.

Source as much local produce as you can.  Here are the seasonal local UK based products

Buy things in their natural form

Visit package free supermarkets

Hetu London Address: 201 St. Johns Hill, London SW11 1TH

Bulk Market

Unpackaged London

  • Planet Organic 111/117 Muswell Hill Road, Muswell Hill, London, N10 3HS

  • Planet Organic 22 Torrington Place, London, WC1E 7HJ

  • Planet Organic 42 Westbourne Grove, London, W2 5SH

  • Earth Food Love Devon Address: 101 High Street, Devon, TQ9 5PF

Support independent specialist stores- not chains.  Supermarket chains are using large scale logistics with large carbon footprints.  Use your locals, focus on the local produce.  Here are UK’s seasonal fruit and veg .

  • Buy larger quantities if you are buying packaged products

  • Detergents, soaps, cleaning products, legumes, rice

  • Freeze fruits and when they are in season and cheap

  • Use facilities when necessary

  • Full loads of dishwashers

  • Full loads of washing machines

  • Get your own coffee mug for coffee shops

  • Buy things from as close a distance to you as possible- don’t carry products around the city

  • Use public transport and carpool services more than you use a personal transport vehicle

We should only produce what we consume.  My thoughts are that we unnecessarily waste huge resources on giving people personal ownership to cars.  That should be a thing of the past.  People should share rides.  How many hours of driving do you actually do per day?  What if we could create a system where people are just owning the car for the few short hours they need to work, then someone else should be illegal for people to just use a car for 1 person and that car sharing services

Supermarkets should reduce their hold of ingredients and focus on seasonal local products.  We shouldn’t have coconuts flown in from Indonesia when you’ve got delicious alternatives here.  Our current key driver for offers is pricing, but that is not reflective of the carbon footprint.  Companies and people need to think more about sustainable growth, not just growth.  Products brought in should be minimal in waste, transport, processing, handling, storage, and merchandising

We need to stop throwing away foods that are “not pretty” or don’t meet supermarket’s “standards”.  All food should be consumed.

Humans are experiencing first hand the meaning of shifts of climate balance and the chaos that is caused by it. 

How many billions and billions have we lost to natural disasters, to rebuilding destroyed homes, to fixing preventable behaviours that are further exacerbating this cycle.

This is not an exhaustive list in any way and if there’s more ways you think of, please add them below and we’ll include them in the post.