Why Are Sea Levels Rising?

Even though this topic is not directly related to food, it does have major implications on food security, and the habitability of our planet.  With soaring temperatures and the intensification of the global warming process through increased green house gas emissions, we are seeing crop shortages, droughts, and extreme weather patterns.  Some parts of India have recently been reported to not be suitable for human living because temperatures have kept rising. 

This quick informative breakdown and the infographic will explain why sea levels are rising and by how much.

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Key Points in Infographic

  • Main cause of increase is increased carbon dioxide and other man-made gases in atmosphere

  • The overwhelming majority of temperature rise happened in past 35 years, with hottest on record since 2010

  • Oceans temperature have increased with top 700m of water increasing by 0.4 degrees Fahrenheit since 1969

  • Ice sheets in Greenland and Arctic have shrunk in mass, with NASA estimating the loss to about 10’ of billion tons of ice per year (286 billion tons in Greenland and 127 billion tons in Antartica)

  • Glaciers are retreating in every corner of the world, from Swiss Alps to Indian Himalayas, and American Rockies

  • Rising sea levels are also a major indicator. 8 inches of rise in the last 100 years, with the rate doubling since 1990

  • Ice thickness and cover has retreated immensely in last 20 years

  • Industrial work by humans has increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide (a major green house gas) from 280 ppm to 400 ppm in last 150 years, with 95% probability that humans are the cause of this rise