Gluten Free Pistachio Croissants
Gluten Free Pistachio Croissants
Gluten Free Pistachio Croissants

Gluten Free Pistachio Croissants

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Something rather special. Sweet, savoury, buttery, crunchy, goodness. You will not stop.

Dipped in our refined sugar free syrup, then filled and topped with our home-made refined sugar free pistachio frangipane (with 100% pistachio Paste), then finished off with Roasted Pistachios.

When you rebake at home, cool down and finish off with a sprinkling of icing sugar
French Pastry Butter, Manna Dew Flour Mix (Rice, Potato, Corn, Tapioca, Chickpea), Milk, Caster Sugar, Organic Eggs, Yeast, Salt, Xanthan Gum, Ground Almonds, Roasted Pistachio Paste, Roasted Pistachios, icing sugar, agave, coconut palm sugar, vanilla bean paste

~ 110g per unit

Allergen: contains Almonds, Butter, Eggs, Pistachios

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I have purchased patrias from here several times now, and am currently eagerly awaiting my next order. I have coeliac disease and have never found such good gluten free pastries anywhere! They are fantastic! They are 100% gluten free and I have never had a reaction to any of their products. I love that they are still experimenting with flavours and there's often a new one to try. 10/10 would recommend to anyone, even if you don't need to be gluten free - they're that good.

Orlagh Quinn

I could not believe how good these pastries were, even better than any gluten ones I used to have before being diagnosed with coeliac!

The Pain Au Chocolat was my favourite of the ones I tried, put it in the oven for 10 minutes before eating like they recommended and it was unbelievable. Crispy layers, not dense or doughy, even my mum, who can eat gluten, now prefers them to the normal ones she can get at cafes 😊

Made someone who has really missed pastries very happy.

Diana Keys

My gluten intolerant heart soared when I discovered Manna Dew. I thought I'd never have another croissant or Danish pastry ever again but along came this bakery! Every bite is absolutely divine and if I didn't know better, I'd have thought they were just regular delicious pastries. It's unbelievable that the layers and flakes can exist in a GF pastry after all.

I live in the US so I got my fill of pastries while I could and brought some back with me.

Amy Homer-Brown

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