What is Gluten- An Incredibly Informative Scientific Video

What is Gluten- An Incredibly Informative Scientific Video


What is Gluten?

So many of us wonder what gluten is, what it looks like and what if feels like.  This incredibly descriptive science-based video by America’s Test Kitchen vividly illustrates this mysterious protein found in wheat, barley and rye.

Gluten is a resultant protein from combining Gliadin and Glutenin when they are mixed with water. This resultant gluten-proteins are able to trap air allow for doughs to rise and grow (this method is called proofing/proving and is used in almost all traditional baked breads, croissants-anything with yeast in it).

Dan Souza then spectacularly shows what gluten actually looks and feels like.  He shows for the first time the difference between high protein flours (like bread flours )which develop stronger gluten structures and low protein flours (like cake flours) which just use gluten for a little structure.

Truly Incredible.

Click To See Dan’s Video Below

Watch the Video   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDEcvSc2UKA

Credit for this video [Dan Souza from America’s Test Kitchen]






Eat Well and Promote Your Health

Eat Well and Promote Your Health

I’ve been on the search for a comprehensive guide to Healthy Eating. After dozens of articles and scientifically published papers, the simple answer is this:

Eating “healthy” varies from person to person depending on your level of activity, your age, and your Vitamin signatures.

One of the most powerful quotes that every came to me when I was still a child was “Only Eat When You’re Hungry, Never Eat Until you are Full”.

This quote underpinned a powerful message about health; focus your senses inwardly and don’t go to extremes.

By eating only when we get hungry, you isolate yourself from eating as a habit or as a stress reliever. By stopping when you get full, eating becomes a nourishing solution to stay alive rather than to live to eat, you stay light and active.


healthy thought

There is a common scientific consensus that plant based foods, fruits and vegetables are the best and most nutritious for you. Fruits and vegetables create the highest majority of Amino Acid proteins your body needs for nutrition and growth. Keep your fruits and vegetables colourful and that will give you the widest range of possible vitamins and nutrients you can consume.

fruit and veg

It is well-know that consumption of red meat should be limited in frequency. Many scientific papers agree on limiting the meals to no more than twice a week in portions no larger than your fist size.


Wild fish is great protein for you. So are eggs, legumes, beans, and nuts. They should be pillars in your balanced and healthy diet.



Coeliac’s Guide:  How to Stay Safe Around Gluten

Coeliac’s Guide: How to Stay Safe Around Gluten

As a Coeliac living in the UK, there will undoubtedly be many scenarios that might expose you to Gluten. 

At home, or at your workplace- Manna Dew has outlined the most important and recommended safety procedures so you’re always safe, and so that you can still take part in all those quality meals your friends and family will be inviting you to.

Being a Coeliac means that small amounts of ingested gluten can create significant digestive discomfort, and it means being mindful throughout the journey everyone takes to prepare food. 

All ingredients need to be gluten-free. All utensils and equipment involved in cooking those ingredients need to be.  Coeliac UK recommends having utensils dedicated for Gluten-Free foods and cooking.  This includes but is not limited to:



Utensils for Cooking

Utensils for Eating

Plates, Glasses, and Mugs    

Boiling (Water and Pot)

Don’t boil your food in the same water as a pasta that contains gluten.   Water should be discarded and pot needs to be scrubbed clean of any contaminants

before it is suitable for your use.  Follow Coeliac UK’s guideline and dedicate your pan just for gluten-free foods – it is safer!

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 15.27.35

Frying (Oil)

Fry your gluten-free foods separately.  Don’t use the same oil or pot that handled anything with gluten in them.  It will contaminate your food, the gluten in a batter, or in breadcrumbs will fall into

the oil and latch onto your gluten-free goodies making them unsuitable for you.  Keep your cooking utensils and ingredients as separate as possible.


Toasting (Toaster)

All it takes is a single crumb.  Buy your own toaster and make sure nothing with gluten is toasted in it.  This is such a common source of contamination that you simply need your own.


Grill/ Griddle (Oven)

It is recommended that you also have your own dedicated space in your oven or griddle if this is possible.  It is best not to apply marinades or sauces onto the meats in the griddle,

it should be done before or after to avoid possible contamination.

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 15.49.29

Basting/Marinating (Brush)

If you are a lover of marinades get your own dedicated brush and keep it very separate to anything with gluten.  It is particularly important because they are hard to clean and anything can stick to them.


Baking (Oven)

When baking your gluten-free goodies, note that one of the most common sources of contamination is in crumbs.  If you have a doubt about your oven containing any crumbs with gluten

of any kind, cover your item when its baking.  There are many ways to do this including shielding it with baking trays or covering well with parchment paper.

 Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 15.52.24

Air (Flour Particles)

Finally as specialist bakers it is important to inform you that flour is airborne.  If a bag of wheat flour is opened in the kitchen it is highly likely that it will contaminate surfaces and air. 

Research conducted by Coeliac UK demonstrates a minimum requirement of 2m distance to handle prepare meals that are gluten-free, and proper systems need to be in place like air extraction

and hygiene surface cleaning procedures to ensure no contamination takes place [Source: Coeliac UK].


Coeliac UK recommended Cleaning for Different Kitchen Equipment

Item                                                          Washing technique

Chopping boards                                    Dishwasher or manual washing

Plates, bowls, dishes, cutlery                Dishwasher or manual washing

Utensils/other prep equipment           Dishwasher or manual washing

Mixers, blenders etc.                             Disassemble, hand wash in hot water/detergents

Pots and pans                                         Dishwasher or manual washing

Food contact surfaces                           Wipe with hot water/detergents, rinse, dry

Ovens, grills                                            Scrape, clean with detergents/cleaning chemicals – rinse

Source: Coeliac UK

How to Clean Gluten-Free Equipment

Cleaning Equipment

BBC2 Horizon Documentary “Clean Eating- the Dirty Truth” Featuring Manna Dew

Manna Dew is thrilled and honoured to announce it has been featured on a very special and eye opening BBC2 Horizon Documentary by Dr Geo Yiles. It is very important for us to raise awareness and educate people and Gluten-free Documentary is a brilliant opportunity to do so. We were approached initially to identify how we make our bread “doughy” in texture and we demonstrated the entire bread production and proving process for our best-seller, the Gluten-Free Olive-Oil Focaccia.

Here’s the featured part of the documentary where Mohamed, Founder and Owner of Manna Dew demonstrates the process


This bread is a house-specialty that took us over six months to develop in-house.  We mix speciality flours together in a finely tuned ratio to achieve the perfect texture that mimics doughy bread.  As a focaccia, we wanted our bread to be airy and fluffy, which is why we handle it and prove it for over 12 hours. We’ve established this bread recipe as a core for even our French Baguettes which are proven, handled, and baked differently.

The key complexity to producing delicious gluten-free products is in texture, which is why it took so long to achieve this magically balanced recipe.  Manna Dew is also experimenting with new ingredients, particularly FlaxSeeds, Quinoa, Teff Flour, and Coconut Flour to bring you yeast-free products and to expand the range of delicious and health-promoting foods we offer.

We hope you enjoy the documentary and we hope to see you in our stores soon!

Much Love,

Team Indulge,

Manna Dew


Manna Dew Cafe’s Lunch & Brunch Menu

Manna Dew Cafe’s Lunch & Brunch Menu

To check out our Breakfast, Lunch, and Brunch Spring 2017 Menu , please click on this link below—



Gluten Free Pecan Granola Crunch

Core Ethics of our Kitchen

Manna Dew’s Menu offers an indulgent range of Gluten-Free Delicacies designed to Dazzle and Delight.  Gluten Free lovers out there, we offer you safety with a 100% guaranteed Gluten-Free Menu that aspires to redefine what you think is possible with Gluten Free.

Salmon Bloomer

Inspiration of our Flavours

Manna Dew’s Menu is rooted in Mediterranean flavours, with featured dishes celebrating authentic ingredients from Italy, Lebanon, and Egypt    We take pride in our French Training and Initiation and every item we produce is done with the French Spirit.


Speciality Dishes

The Bresaola Di Anco rare cut we freshly slice for you every time or the Burrata di Bufala served with slow Caramelised Onions, Sun-dried Tomatoes, and our Specialty Olive Oil Focaccia are just a glimpse of what we have to offer from Italy.  Our Home-Made Labneh (specialty yoghurt cheese) is inspired from Lebanon and is made and stored in the most delicious extra virgin olive oil.  Our secretive Egyptian Dukkah recipe is a secret brought from Egypt to Europe by our owner’s family and is one of the most Authentic and Delicious Nutty Sprinkle Recipes you ever will try (take us up on that!).

We also take your flavour palette to the new horizons with our Black Truffle Scrambled Eggs.  We can’t talk much about this Manna Dew Specialty dish, but it is just heavenly.

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