Integrated Food Safety System- With Downloadable Documents

  • September 4, 2019
  • Post : mannadew

This post is quite special in its nature and will reveal key insights into the creation and maintenance of an effective transparent food production system. We have attached 6 customised documents which offer key control points for food hygiene maintenance that need to be within a comprehensive HACCP program that you should produce with professionals that apply these principles to your specific operation. If you already run a food business or are new to food business, this will give you a solid understanding of transparent manufacturing systems and the kind of work and attention required to achieve them.

I have also included our updated Gluten-Free Hygiene Policies and Protocols for anyone who caters to clients with allergies.  You can apply the same concepts to Nut-Free, Dairy-Free or other allergen types and we go into some detail about creating isolated environments within your facility that are dedicated to a specific allergen specific product- like nut handling, or dairy handling, or gluten-handling, etc.

These links are all downloadable PDFs.  We hope this helps you a little on this journey 🙂

Document 1   Transparent Production BRIEFING

This document explains what transparent production is and how to achieve it.

Document 2 Transparent Production Log Form

This document is the production log used for transparent production.  It needs to be filled every single time you make a batch/product run.  Every ingredient used needs to be logged corresponding to the date it was received in your store (Julian Code Batch).  That way if your supplier says that deliver had a problem, you can extract the batches with the problematic ingredient and not dispose of all your stock.  It’s like an ingredient map into your made products.

Document 3 Daily Operational Checks Food Safety (Required for any HACCP)

This document goes through all daily checks required across the whole production facility

Document 4 Temperature Control Form for fridges/freezers (Required for any HACCP)

This form is used to manage all temperatures of freezers/fridges in the facility at different times during the day.  This is a critical control point in any HACCP and must be managed with utmost integrity and organisation.

Document 5 Cleaning Schedule Form Daily/Weekly (Required for any HACCP)

This form is used to give you an example of a cleaning schedule.  Every food contact surface needs to be throughly cleaned and sanitised, all equipment need to be cleaned inside and out with the appropriate sanitary chemicals, protective clothing, and properly trained staff.  Putting a flammable cleaner in an oven is a recipe for a fire.  Walls, floors, doors, sockets, everything has to be cleaned and this document offers you insight into what should be cleaned daily and what should be cleaned monthly.

Document 6 Goods In Form Food Safety (Required for any HACCP)

This form helps you manage all incoming ingredients and batch code them right there.  This is a core component that will enable you to create accurate and easily managed production logs.  We label each ingredient with a Julian Code the day it was arrived and have a live ingredient table of all ingredients being used right now and those codes are used directly in the live production logs.

Document 7 MD Gluten-Free Handling Protocols_2019 (Manna Dew’s Gluten-Free Protocols)

We wish you the best of luck on your exciting journey and we hope these documents help you add more happiness to people’s life in a safer and more secure way.

Much love to you all from the UK’s best gluten free bakery!


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