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Gluten Free Labelling- Always Be Safe

We’ve been in the Gluten-Free business for about some time now. We’ve been extremely diligent in sourcing our ingredient from Gluten-Free certified suppliers so that our products have no risk of gluten in them. It hasn’t been an easy ride, but I’ve found the right ones. Gluten sensitive and Coeliac Londoners… Here’s a quick eye-opening […]

GlutenFree Facts & Stats

If you’re Coeliac or if one of your members is Coeliac, or you service the needs of gluten allergen sufferers this blog will give you a little more knowledge about how and where it affects people the most.  I also highlight some of the reasons gluten-free foods are becoming so widespread and so popular. Demographics […]

Recipe Giveaway- Pear Pecan Loaf

Pear Pecan Loaves are just perfect as a treat with tea and coffee.  It’s a crumbly mini Pecan Loaf stuffed with spiced pear cubes and topped with a creamy yoghurt and ground pecans. Rustic and artisanal, the combination of zingy crisp pear, nutty pecan and creamy yoghurt leave your pallet wanting more. Each flavour compliments the next, an unbreakable circle of […]

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