Life on a Gluten-Free Diet- A Testimonial

I’ve been living on a Gluten-Free diet for about 11 months now. One of the most things I was worried about was finding “Real” food with taste and flavour. This is why I joined this project, because I love what they’re doing here. Cakes are fantastic, kitchen (we call it the “Treasure Chest”) is state of the art, backend has lots of integrity, young and passionate energy… I loved the concept and the food.. well, come try for yourself 😉

5 Ways Gluten-Free Consumers Changed The Market

GF customers prefer high quality healthy ingredients in their products. Healthy claims on GF foods make them more likely to sell
Market participants are trying to enhance the quality and taste of their products
20% of global consumers have some type of special dietary need based on an intolerance; free-from foods are here to stay
GF consumers prefer locally produced products that are ethically sourced.
A huge portion of GF consumers choose GF as a healthy lifestyle choice
GF consumers are looking for more variety in GF products
GF consumers are ready to pay more for GF products
GF consumers are very analytical and critical about labelling and are careful about who they trust
GF consumers are looking for better tasting products

Pear Pecan Recipe

A delicious gift from Manna Dew. Our Pear Pecan Loaf Recipe.  Get ready for some deliciousness at home and your first lesson in Gluten-Free Baking. You Ready?.. First, these Pear Pecan Loaves are just perfect with tea and coffee. It’s a crumbly mini Pecan Loaf stuffed with spiced pear cubes and …