Manufacturing With Manna Dew

Artisan Bakers and Patissiers

Manna Dew is an Artisan Gluten-Free bakery manufacturer based in 169 Battersea High Street.  We believe in wholesome nutritious delicious food, and we want it to be as healthy as it can be.  We stay away from refined cane sugar and stick to organic raw unprocessed sweeteners in their purest form.  Our favourite sweeteners are organic coconut palm sugar, organic maple syrup, organic forest honey, or organic agave nectar

100% Gluten Free

Every piece we produce is made in our very own state of the art 100% gluten-free kitchen.  Equipped with research-drenched know-how, advanced operational equipment, Manna Dew aims to redefine your expectation of what’s possible with Gluten-Free foods.

Coeliac UK Accredited

Manna Dew’s production unit is operated in accordance with Coeliac UK’s most recommended protocols and practices and our operation’s manager is a Coeliac Certified Caterer.  All staff are well versed in Coeliac UK’s policies that reduce and minimise any contamination risks 

Food Hygiene Rating

5 Out of 5

Safer Foods Certified & Audited

Advanced Internal Auditing Systems

These systems are the backbone of our operational integrity.  We employ a team of expert safety auditors and enforcers who ensure there is full transparency across the whole operation chain. 

Soon to apply for SALSA Certification

Regularly Test Products for Gluten-Free Claims

Manna Dew regularly carries out checks in accordance with UK Coeliac Best Practices and we regularly will carry out testing for our products to verify they are gluten-free

Ingredient Sourcing

All our ingredients are sourced from manufacturers that guaranteed them as Gluten-Free.  Our experience and guidelines on Labelling Gluten-Free Foods can be found on our Blog Link.

Recipe Development & Configuration

Manna Dew has extensive experience designing and developing technical food recipes.  We are well versed in a range of dietary requirements including sugar-free, nut free, dairy free, vegan, Paleo, and Raw.  Our in-house development continues to be an improvement hub for the range of products we manufacture not just from a costing point of view, but from a quality perspective.   

Equipment & Capacity

Manna Dew’s Kitchen is equipped with highly advanced bakery equipment.  Our range of equipment enables us to deliver unmatched quality and texture. Our current manufacturing capacity is 100,000 cookies per month.

Enquiry About Manufacturing (please click on the reason for your enquiry):

    • Recipe Development (~ 30 days)
    • White Label Manufacturing
    • Product Development and Distribution Pack (~50 days)


Enquiry About Trading (please click on the reason for your enquiry):

    • Event Catering Supply (functions not less than 150 persons)
    • Stocking our Products

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