BBC2 Horizon Documentary “Clean Eating- the Dirty Truth” Featuring Manna Dew

Manna Dew is thrilled and honoured to announce it has been featured on a very special and eye opening BBC2 Horizon Documentary by Dr Geo Yiles. It is very important for us to raise awareness and educate people and Gluten-free Documentary is a brilliant opportunity to do so. We were approached initially to identify how we make our bread “doughy” in texture and we demonstrated the entire bread production and proving process for our best-seller, the Gluten-Free Olive-Oil Focaccia.

Here’s the featured part of the documentary where Mohamed, Founder and Owner of Manna Dew demonstrates the process


This bread is a house-specialty that took us over six months to develop in-house.  We mix speciality flours together in a finely tuned ratio to achieve the perfect texture that mimics doughy bread.  As a focaccia, we wanted our bread to be airy and fluffy, which is why we handle it and prove it for over 12 hours. We’ve established this bread recipe as a core for even our French Baguettes which are proven, handled, and baked differently.

The key complexity to producing delicious gluten-free products is in texture, which is why it took so long to achieve this magically balanced recipe.  Manna Dew is also experimenting with new ingredients, particularly FlaxSeeds, Quinoa, Teff Flour, and Coconut Flour to bring you yeast-free products and to expand the range of delicious and health-promoting foods we offer.

We hope you enjoy the documentary and we hope to see you in our stores soon!

Much Love,

Team Indulge,

Manna Dew


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