Manna Dew’s Organic, Natural, Raw, Unprocessed Sweeteners

Manna Dew’s Artisanal Patisserie Range Primarily Sweetens it’s Pastry Range with Organic, Natural , Raw, Unprocessed Sweeteners, namely Organic Coconut Palm Sugar and Organic Agave Nectar.

This entry will demonstrate the health benefits of both these sweeteners, why they are used, and how they help us minimise the existence of any processed ingredients in our artisanal recipes.

Coconut Palm Sugar

Coconut Palm Sugar




Coconut Palm Sugar is a golden brown delicious caramelly sweetener that is derived from the sap of the Coconut Palm Tree abundant in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids vital to our immune system.  It has a near 1-to-1 sweetness ratio with traditional table sugar but a much lower spike in blood sugar levels.

Unlike traditional sugar, coconut nectar does not undergo artificial chemical processes of purification and bleaching to come to your table. When the tree is tapped and the sap is collected, it is then boiled gently at low temperature until the liquid is evaporated and dry crystals form is achieved. Coconut crystals are a delicious alternative to traditional sugar and are rich in minerals, and amino acids! Coconut crystals are reported to have glycaemic index of 35 whilst traditional refined sugar is 89-100.

Manna Dew Tip:  When used in our Patisserie range, we found that it has a slight browning effect making them an ideal candidate for our cake sponges and dark mousses.



Agave Nectar

Agave Nectar 2




The agave nectar Manna Dew uses is raw, organic sweetener obtained naturally from the Agave plant. We expertly source our Agave from manufacturers who are environmentally conscious and who only use natural methods to deliver this product in its purest form. Agave is high in fructose sugar concentration which makes it extremely tasty, sweet sugar-alternative.

The leaves are taken from the plants, removed, and heated gently at low temperatures. When the plants release their sweet, natural fructose juice, a filtration process is undertaken to remove any solids. You are then left with this very tasty, organic, raw natural sweetener. Agave is reported to be a natural sugar-alternative and contains naturally occurring sugars free from any additives, preservatives, or chemicals. We only use what nature gives us!

Manna Dew Tip:  When used in our Patisserie range, this is a perfect light sweetener that does not affect the colour of the mixes, making it ideal for creams, light coloured mousses and fillings.

Manna Dew also uses Organic Honey in some products due to its floral flavour compliments it introduces to our pieces.




Note: Manna Dew’s policy is to reduce and minimise the usage of refined sugar in any products.  A small range of our products contain a tiny amount of refined sugar which is contained in the Nappage glazes produced today.  All of our Macarons are produced with traditional refined sugar.




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