Life on a Gluten-Free Diet- A Testimonial

My Life on a Gluten-Free Diet

Gluten-Free Diet me

Why I turned Gluten-Free and why I joined Manna Dew

by Diana Voroneca

There’s been lots of controversy on whether or not Gluten-Free Diet is healthier, whether their benefits are worth the effort and cost.  After 6 months of living GF I chose to dedicate part of my professional career to raise awareness and promote deliciousness in the market.

Here’s how Gluten-Free diet affected me

I used to work 9-hour shifts for a very competitive Google Tech startup, and I’d be constantly seduced by these delicious cookies and sandwiches and burgers and pizzas.  I can go on… One day we got a new girl in the office, and she was cool and hip and GF. We became friends, and I was always trying to find her something exciting that was GF. Would bring her cookies but frankly speaking, I was very sceptic of their taste. Once I tried Gluten-free ginger cookies from Waitrose and they blew my mind! From then I noticed that whenever I ate gluten-free, I wouldn’t go through this little energy, brain-frozen lethargic lows that I’d then need a decent cup of coffee to finish my work. In a mean time at night I was sampling the Gluten-free deserts that my friends were working on. I was terrified to gain weight, but it was for a better cause, so I sucked it up and ate those divine cakes!

Surprisingly I found that I was awake and fresh and ready to rumble despite my cake sessions at night. AND MY WEIGHT STARTED GOING DOWN. So I cut gluten out of my diet completely, and I haven’t felt that feeling in a while. Gluten-Free Diet is the best that have ever happened to my health!

Eventually, I stopped craving sweets and fatty foods. This led to putting less in my body and feeling like my body needs less to sustain itself. I have reduced my food intake and logically my stomach is dealing with less. On Gluten-Free Diet my tummy feels calmer, I must admit,; Ido get occasional aches but they are far less frequent than they were. Actually I used to feel that feeling good was the rarity and feeling congested and bloated was normal, which brings me to my next point.

Less bloating, gas (sorry but it’s true), and stomach pain.  I don’t feel congested when I eat gluten-free bread, I don’t feel bloated when I eat a gluten-free pasta.  My digestion has never been more calm.

Why I’m Working with Manna Dew

I’ve been living on a Gluten-Free diet for about 12 months now.  One of the most things I was worried about was finding “Real” food with taste and flavour.  This is why I joined this project, because I love what they’re doing here.  Cakes are fantastic, the kitchen is state of the art, backend has lots of integrity, young and passionate energy. I loved the concept and the food.. well, come try for yourself 😉

Living on a Gluten-free Diet led me to improve my overall health, losing 15kg of excess weight, improving my sleep, skin, nail and hair quality.

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